Full-service hosted solution ………………….

This provides the ultimate option for hassle-free rating. There is no outlay or support required for any hardware, software, networks, firewalls, licences etc. as we take care of everything within the hosting agreement. This includes the setup, testing and all required changes to your rates. The service is available 24×7 and is actively managed at all times. Availability over the last 3 years has exceeded 99.99%.

Our optional Web Quote facility provides online access via a normal browser to those users that do not have an integrated solution for quoting.

Rate setup and testing …………….

For those client preferring to acquire their own licence, we still are still able to assist in the initial setup and testing of your rates. This ensures that you start quickly and on a good footing as a result of utilising best practices from the outset.

Assistance can be provided at any stage of your rating journey with QRater.

Referral System ………………….

Referral capabilities are the most recent addition to our portfolio of products. Quotes can now be evaluated for compliance with any number of rules where any failure can be configured to produce a referral. This requires that the quotation is not valid until it has been referred to an underwriter/insurer who will in turn provide approval, not decline, for the respective risks.

The entire referral process is automated and logged with each referral being directed to the appropriate person or team at the insurer.